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Spliff Seeds.NL uses meerkats as their brand logo mascots… Who knew, that all this time, meerkats were up on their hind legs and craning their necks – searching for some dank weed?

This Spliff Seeds review aims to inform the Supernova Seeds readers all the pros and cons of this top cannabis seed bank. With over 20 years of successful business since their inception in 1995, Spliff Seeds now offer over 30 different strains for customers to pick from!

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Feminsied, Auto and Regular Seeds Available

Baring in mind that they have that many years worth of experience, they’re not greedy with all that knowledge and use their site as a platform to share their expertise with the masses.

Spliff Seeds Online – How to ‘Roll a Spliff’ blogs

It seems like the good people behind the Spliff Seeds website really understand the importance of beginning with the basics. Why run before you can walk, right? Therefore, they’ve taken the time to write a handy article, which site visitors can find under the ‘Spliff’ tab on the menu. It’s titled ‘How to Roll a Spliff… for those who don’t already know how. Started from the bottom now we’re here…

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Top THC Rich Feminized and Autoflowering Strains at Competitive Prices!

With over two decades of expertise under their belts, the Spliff Seeds founders know what customers looking to buy cannabis seeds want to see. So, in line with their competitors, Spliff Seeds offer a range of regular, feminized seeds, and auto-flowering seeds. They’re all separated into different lines based on value – bronze and silver lines for the regular seeds, and the gold line for the female seed strains.

Both the quality and the quantity of information provided to buyers on the site is pretty impressive! Each product page goes into detail about the origins of the seeds, info on the strain and breed, and suitability for different growing conditions for those customers who live in countries where it’s legal to do so.

Purple Berry Kush

Anything a customer could possibly want to know from the aroma, height, ease of growth, flower to leaf ratio and ease of trimming will be explained by the Spliff Seeds experts. If you don’t know your Zamnesia seeds from your MJ seeds, take a browse on the site and see if you can find out.

Take your pick from an excellent variety of Spliff Seeds strains such as;

  • The Great Spliff Seeds blueberry
  • Awesome Spliff Seeds Afghani gold
  • Throat Ticlikng Spliff Seeds bubblegum
  • AK Automatic female seeds
  • CBD spliff berry female cannabis seeds

And plenty more! Search for any strain, eg. ‘lowryder seeds’ in the Spliff Seeds search bar and narrow down their huge selection.

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Fast flowering CBD Strain & Medicinal Marijuana Seeds at Spliff Seeds

Spliff Seeds also provide plenty of information on which strains of seed are suitable for medicinal purposes, even going as far as to explain their specific medicinal value. Some of these strains can be helpful in relieving long-term ailments such as insomnia, muscle spasms, chronic pain or stress.

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Top Weed Strain at Spliff Seeds

For anyone who’s looking for a relaxing body-high, Spliff Seeds tell their customers which strains are high in CBD % as well as which ones will yield high THC levels. Their own hybrid strains are specially bred for different kinds of stones, it’s just a case of finding the right one to suit each customer.

Find Expert Cannabis Growing Video’s & Information For Free

Even after the customer has found the ideal seeds strain for them, the site is still a hive of cannabis knowledge. Visit their blog tab for a host of articles on topics relating to strains, growing for experts and for beginners, and medicinal benefits.

The blog can answer all sorts of questions for those who are self-taught in this industry, sometimes you need a little help! The good guys at Spliff Seeds are more than willing to share their experience and aid their customers in getting the most out of their seeds.

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There’s also a tab where visitors to the site can find videos on similar subjects – although this is an easy way to lose a couple of hours getting caught-up watching one after the other – take it from us!

Information seekers can also click on the ‘Growing Cannabis’ tab to visit the gallery. It’s another helpful section for the visual learners among us, with detailed informational pictures and how-tos. It’s a bit reminiscent of school science books – except, learning this stuff could actually make you money one day.

Buy Souvenir Seeds and Gift Vouchers, Plus Receive Discounts or a Free Grinder!

For those who don’t grow, but love cannabis, souvenir seeds are fun to purchase and own. Collectors can find Spliff Seeds unique strains and hybrids to add to their assortment that they won’t find anywhere else.

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The site also offers gift vouchers that would make an ideal present idea for an avid seeds collector on birthdays or at Christmas! Special offers and freebies apply to some seed strains on the Spliff Seeds website, so always check on the product pages for an extra tab! You might find that a certain product comes with a free grinder, or sometimes prices are slashed by up to 35% or more!

All seeds are guaranteed by Spliff Seeds to be delivered in discreet packaging, so there’s no need to worry about that, and all orders are shipped next working day without tracking or a trace. Check out Spliff Seed here today!

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