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One of the reputed seed banks that offer fast access to the quality cannabis seeds is Seed Supreme. This online store is very popular for its top-class seeds at awesomely low prices. Whether you need high THC, auto-flowering or regular cannabis seeds, you will get it all from this site. The best incentive for customers at this online site is that they provide unique and high-quality cannabis seeds. These guys truly are pro’s, check them out here now!

They stock all these seeds from the top-notch breeders who are focused on well-being and medicinal properties of cannabis. So, for the ones who are looking for high CBD strains from these seeds, you will find a wide variety of such seeds at Seed Supreme. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most efficient and professional sites where you can get every seed of your need.

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Variety Of Seeds Available Online at Seed Supreme

If you are looking forward to buying the best seeds online, then the Seed Supreme has a huge selection of such in their seed bank. The different types of seeds available are:

  • CBD Cannabis Seeds
  • Feminized seeds
  • Medicinal Seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • High THC Seeds
  • Autoflowering seeds
  • And More!

If you are interested in collecting high-quality Haze, Kush, AK47 and Northern Lights seeds, then this is the place for you. Even for medicinal purposes, some of the seeds with high CBD strains are reported to help you fight against anxiety, stress and pain. This website supplies these products for your own collection. They sell the seeds for only souvenir purpose and the information is for educational purposes only! See all the best info and get free seeds here today!

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A World of Experience and Leading Cannabis Seeds Bank

Seed Supreme holds a lot experience in this industry. Hence it has an age-old experience and has some versatile expertise in this field. Their objective is to provide best-quality cannabis seed from the top-class seed breeders from all over the world. They also provide a great customer support. So, if have any question regarding the seeds, then you can definitely contact them directly. You will be assisted by them efficiently. Get direct support and advice on your chosen products here!

Benefits Of Choosing Cannabis Seeds From Seed Supreme

Seed Supreme is a reliable and dedicated online store that provides the best quality seeds. It also has a huge customer-base and poses a high-rating. People all over the world are very satisfied and happy with the quality of the seeds they offer. Also, one of the most beneficial aspects of this site is that they offer free shipping across the world. In fact, you will get gifts of free cannabis seeds too! Seed Supreme is also easily accessible through your computer as well as mobile. They have a very easy and user-friendly website where you can easily browse through their products.

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Best Discount Deals and Free Seeds Deals

Once you have selected the products you want to purchase, you can complete the payment via some highly-secured getaways. Some of the convenient payment options are VISA debit card or credit card, MasterCard, Instant Banking, Bitcoin and Cash by mail. Customers earn Kush Money on any products they buy. You can use this ‘Kush Money’ to buy seeds!

Expect a fast and sometimes free delivery from Seed Supreme with your purchases.  On-time delivery of your product from this reliable online store is guaranteed. They use hi-tech machines and systems that can process the orders faster. The entire shipping process is secure and you can also opt for discreet packaging if necessary.

Private Payment Methods via Bitcoin at

Seed Supreme also accepts payment via which is an exceptionally helpful and secured payment method, these days. If you don’t have a Bitcoin Wallet, then you need to create one. You can then purchase the Bitcoin and spend it anywhere for buying goods or services. You can place an order at this online site using Bitcoin and enjoy a great discount up to 20% on your total purchase.

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Order Seeds and Get Discreet Delivery Options

They value the privacy of the souvenir seed collectors and thus Bitcoin is the perfect method of payment. It remains anonymous while you make the payment. After you place the order selecting the Bitcoin as your payment method, they will provide the payment information such as the price and transaction address. You can just follow the information and complete the payment and receive exactly what you’re after in no time!

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Fantastic Seed Supreme Discount Codes, Promotions & Offers

There are many promotional offers provided by Seed Supreme. These offers may vary from time to time basis. You can get free seeds for any orders over $67 or 50 Pounds. You can get up to 20 free seeds with this offer. Seed Supreme discount codes often pop up, so keep an eye out for them. Also, you can enjoy free shipping on certain orders and it can be clubbed with other discounts too.

A new promotional offer is going on right now which is Gold Rush. If you buy 3 seeds then you will get 2 free and if you by 5 seeds, then 3 will be free. This free seeds can be any seeds with random strain. Besides all these promotional offers, you can also enjoy some great discounts if you place the order via Bitcoin or Cash by Mail.

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Pick The High-Quality Cannabis Seeds From Most Experienced Breeders

It is always recommended to by the best quality cannabis seeds. A company with a great credibility and reputation like Seed Supreme always provides the highest quality seeds. Though company provides seeds as a souvenir, germination is the full responsibility of the buyers. We at Supernova Seeds do not promote the germination of these seeds.

You need to check with the country’s law. Cannabis seeds provided by Seed Supreme are tested to provide the best and most reliable results. But to increase the rate of germination, you need to well-aware of the conditions required to grow the cannabis seeds. See our legal disclaimer at the bottom of our homepage here.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee – Seed Supreme Cannabis Seeds

Buying cannabis seeds from Seed Supreme guarantees high-quality seeds with the best in class germination rate. Customers are able to get their seeds delivered on time which is quite fast compared to many other suppliers. Also, the convenient payment option makes it easier for you to buy the seeds directly from this online site. You will also get the varieties of seeds from which can select the one you like or want.

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Reliable Seed Bank

Buying online from Seed Supreme is a better option rather than picking seeds from any other online sites. They offer plenty of discounts and offers that can also help you to save a lot of money on these seeds too. You can also contact the support portal, in case you need any help. Check out this awesome website today!