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From the home of home-grown and established since 1980’s, the guys behind Paradise Seeds are veterans in the game. They have a true passion for breeding the very best specimens of many different cannabis species. It definitely shows in their products and that itself explains their sterling reputation among weed connoisseurs worldwide. You can get the best seeds at awesome prices today!

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Boasting the dankest seed bank Amsterdam has to offer, this Holland seed company offers its customers organic produce. They claim that everything is pollinated in mind of giving those customers who legally grow cannabis the best start that they can get. Only the finest seeds make the cut for their selection. Quality is truly the cornerstone of Paradise Seeds’ business ethic – anything less than perfection just isn’t an option. Check out why everyone rates this supplier now!

Unique Cannabis Strains Selection at Paradise Seeds

Their brainy seed development geeks have been hard work (between trips to the coffee shop, we’re sure) in the field of cannabis genetics. As a result, Paradise Seeds have won many awards that put some seriously strong foundations under the brand. It’s easy to see that years of experience and expert knowledge have shaped the Holland seed company. It’s a success today, and their customers just keep coming back for more. With many unique cannabis strains and cross-breeds, the clever guys at Paradise have a variety to suit every climate and region, as well as the knowledge. All shared with their customers, who rave about the results via online reviews.

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To pick the best strain from paradise seeds would be a really hard task! Their extensive range of cannabis seeds is easy to navigate because of their websites search filters. This helps customers differentiate between their selection of feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds and the regular ones. On top of that, they have handy slider bars for browsers of the site to tailor their search to the correct levels of THC and CBD level. You can even view seeds that suit your preferred flowering time. Of course, it’s worth mentioning that this tool is for those customers who intend to use the seeds for growth. However, germination of seeds which is not encouraged by, especially in countries where it is illegal. Get your seed from here today!

A Wide Selection of Sensi Star Seeds and More – Buy Online Today

Paradise seeds Sensi Star strain is a popular seller among the site’s buyers. While just a few of the other seed types available on Paradise Seeds include;

  • Atomic Haze
  • Original Cheese
  • Original White Widow
  • Auto Acid
  • Dutch Kush
  • L.A Amnesia


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And many more – all of the finest quality. Customers can fill their carts with whichever strain suits their taste. Whether your taste is something fruity, strong or sweet, the choice is endless. Paradise Seeds website also features the latest news, facts and legalities in cannabis culture in a handy sidebar. They also have their own merchandise offering t-shirts, hats and sick accessories like grinders and smoking papers for true fans of the shop.

Buy Medicinal Marijuana Seeds at Paradise – 20% Off Champion Packs

Many varieties of the seeds available on Paradise Seeds Amsterdam qualify as being beneficial for medicinal use too. Due to extensive experience, there’s a whole load of top strains. The site explains that in regions where the use of marijuana for its medicinal qualities is allowed, many people reap its benefits and use it to enhance their quality of life. Conditions such as arthritis, long-term pain and even insomnia have been reported to alleviate using these strains. Make use of medicinal strains such as those that Paradise Seeds and find out the benefits for yourself.

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Why seed customers have enough reasons to look to Paradise Seeds as their main source? Regular special offers are available on the site and even those get updated a lot. Those looking to bag a sweet deal should look for the promo banners on products for money off, as well as a blanket offer of free shipping in the EU and worldwide for all seeds. Often, they’re also generous enough to throw in free seeds with certain purchases. Get free seeds and a free grinder with Paradise Seeds today.

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Not only is Paradise seeds a fantastic one stop shop for all the cannabis seeds and products that anyone could hope to buy for legal growing, smoking or souvenir purposes, it’s also a tried and trusted a website with brilliant reviews. There are Paradise Seeds loyal customers around the world. These guys are a testament to their secure website and good quality products.

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It’s not the least bit surprising that they are a well-loved and respected brand. This is the case both in their native Holland and across the pond. The team at give these guys a definite thumbs up and glowing review for their solid strains and amazing customer service.

Nipped in the Bud – These Guys Have Thought of Everything

While customers eagerly await their parcel of souvenirs and free seeds, they can visit Paradise Seeds video or image gallery! For a look at footage and interviews from around the world legal cannabis conventions or pictures of the finest homegrown potent bud that legal growers from many countries just had to share, there’s something for everyone. For the true customer who wants to keep up to date with all the latest Paradise Seeds info, there’s also a newsletter to sign up to – get updates right to an email inbox. Choose these guys today for the most reputable seeds and offers!

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