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A NL Seeds review of Cannabis Seeds, Big Deals, Shipping, Order Tracking and more…

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‘Free Seeds, Every Order.’ This is a statement that catches your eye when you visit NL Seeds website as the company rewards their customers with a free seed(s) on every purchase. The wholesale company begins by welcoming its customers around the world to their website and assures them about the quality of Cannabis seeds they have. High-Quality seeds to be precise.

If you are looking for Cannabis seeds whose quality is unmatched, then is definitely the perfect place to visit. Whether you need the products for souvenirs or collection, will supply them. Customers can enjoy choices like; Super OG Kush, Northen Lights, Blue Haze, 38 Special and more!

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The company has been in the business for over three decades and has slowly become a premiere Cannabis Seeds wholesale distributor. NL Seeds does not just distribute every brand of Cannabis seeds, instead, the company focuses only on the best seeds by offering the best possible discounts on the market.

The wholesaler and retailer prides its success on their family business mentality, which means above all other business values, the company remains committed to staying connected with their customers by all means. NL Seeds puts itself in the customers’ shoes to improve customer experiences and leave them happy and satisfied which why they will always treat customers with respect and efficiently because they (NL Seeds) want to be treated that way. Check out their great service today!

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NL Seeds understands that their customers are in business because they want to make profits. Obviously, no one goes into business to make losses. In 2005, the company vowed to remain committed to being the number profit source for their customers. If you go through the website keenly, you will come across a phrase our Profit Source’ that affirms their commitment to helping customers enjoy profits through their attractive discounts. Indeed there are known for this, Attractive discounts!

Quality Seeds Supplier Experience with Marijuana Seeds NL

Located in the Netherlands, the wholesale distributor boasts of its twelve years of experience in not only selling but also growing Cannabis Seeds around the world. And the best thing about growing own Cannabis Seeds is that you can trust their quality. Truly, NL Seeds has never, and will never disappoint on the quality of their seeds.

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What makes their Cannabis Seeds High Quality?

NL Seeds knows that if they want to get great seeds, they have to give their plants a fighting start by selecting the best materials. Evidently, growing from seeds has proved the most rewarding experience for To produce Cannabis Seeds, a male plant must pollinate a female plant. The company’s Cannabis Seeds are handpicked and subsequently tested to get the highest quality for the female seeds. Get top seeds deals now!

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Besides, they ensure they have the best strain that suits the environment of their customers around the world. Whether it is personal outdoor yields or commercial yields, the company provides seeds that are rich in Sativa or Indica (whichever you prefer) to keeps your clients thirsting for more.

Thanks to NL Seeds’ innovative breeders and researchers who work tirelessly to ensure that their customers get the perfect seeds to grow in the intended environment. Some of the tips NL Seeds uses to handpick the best quality Cannabis Seeds include:

  • Must have a hard outer shell. Cannabis seeds with soft outer shells might be damaged.
  • Dark Brown seeds with teardrop shapes. Green or pale seeds do not grow to their full potential. Shop - Netherlands

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Having considered these tips among many others, NLSeeds.EU proudly guarantees their customers the best quality seeds in the market. These include:

  •  Samango
  •  AK-47
  • Blue Berry
  • Amnesia
  • Northern light
  • Asteria
  • Super OG Kush
  • Critical
  • Bubbles
  • Blue Haze
  • 38 Special

BIG Orders and Payment Methods

Whether you are buying smaller stocks or larger stocks, NL Seeds promises to give you fair prices. And the discounts!! Well, you can’t believe that the company will give you up to 40 percent discount on big orders for Cannabis Seeds. The perfect way to draw customers into your shop is through offering great discounts. While NL Seeds’ discounts are meant to help their customers enjoy larger profit margins, they have also improved the company’s sales and reputation.

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Following closely on NL Seeds business success story, it is easy to conclude that discounts have been the major ingredient. The wholesaler has attracted many customers to their stores worldwide because of the great discounts they offer. Any customer who requires high-quality Cannabis Seeds at fair prices is always quick to contact

NL Seeds offers a wide range of payment methods that suit all their clients around the world. Whether one prefers iDeal, PayPal, MasterCard or Visa,NL Seeds has got you covered. The prices for every product are indicated against the quantities which makes it easier for the customer to select their choice.

Great Anonymous Shipping  Services and Discreet Delivery on all Orders

Cannabis activists continue to endeavour with the regulations and licensing from relevant authorities to get it legalised. However not all countries have made it legal, so we only suggest buying for collection purposes. You could purchase Cannabis seeds for medical purposes and get your delivery discreetly to your door.

Through this uncertainty, NL Seeds can safely bet that goods will be shipped to your doorstep anonymously. Customers do not have to worry about their identity or repercussions because the company offers an anonymity feature that does not disclose your details, yet the order is delivered to the right customer. How Amazing! Customers in most European countries receive their products on the next business day.

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Track and Trace Your NL Seeds Order Live Online

Few customers will place their orders and forget about them until they are delivered. However, most customers want to know the finer details on the whereabouts of their order throughout the shipping process til a delivery is done. NL Seeds proactively offers order tracking and tracing options that help to improve their customers’ experience and satisfaction.

Customers can track their orders online as NL Seeds has made it easy for you to see where your order is. Besides, customers are able to stay longer of website and increase their chances of additional discounts on purchases as they can see the latest offers. Below are ways through which NL Seeds offers customer clarity about their orders.

  • Provides shipping tracking information on their website in real time.
  • Sends a link to tracing order status through shipping confirmation emails.


NL Seeds News

NL Seeds has a new feature that updates their customers on the latest trends and innovations in the market. For instance, in a newsletter dates March 8, 2018, the site provides information about the progress of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana program.

In other news, 61 per cent of Michigan state residents want recreational marijuana legalized. Customers can also get these updates through NL Seeds’ Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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NL Seeds Bank Customer support

Any customer who requires support can always contact the NLSeeds through the website and will be answered within 2 days. Check out this awesome website today! One can also contact them through +31622263018 or send an email via