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The guys at Gorilla Seeds Bank are truly at the top of their game and have an amazing selection of the best cannabis strains from the most capable and experienced breeders around the world. Offering their customers a full selection of some of the bestsellers on the cannabis seeds market. Gorilla Seeds Bank makes it easy for anyone to shop for seeds like top 10 autos or top 20 feminized. Especially popular as well, is the top 20 best selling medical seeds. Their amazingly handy ‘seed wizard’ advanced seed search will help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

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One of the top cannabis seed banks offering online access to cannabis seeds in the UK, Gorilla Seeds Bank offers discreet packaging and awesome value-for-money. Their competitive pricing, free delivery and offers of free seeds are a great incentive that keeps their customers coming back for more. While good reviews on TrustPilot reflect Gorilla Seeds Bank’s promise of secure payments and discreet delivery. It’s easy to see that customers seeking the best UK cannabis seeds are in safe hands with this professional and efficient site.

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Anyone looking to shop for the best cannabis seeds online is spoilt for choice with Gorilla Seeds Bank. Their site has a huge selection of different seed bank categories including, but not limited to;

  • Advanced Female
  • Barney’s farm
  • Bomb Seeds
  • Dinafem
  • Dutch Passion
  • Greenhouse Seeds
  • and much more!

This site stacks up to its competitors and most of all, it’s a frontrunner in the cannabis seed industry. With happy customers internationally, thanks to their frequent deals and amazing service.

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Free Cannabis Seed Bundles and the Best Deals at Gorilla Seeds Bank UK

As well as offering a superb selection of high quality feminized and auto-flowering seeds, Gorilla Seed Bank UK offers many other types of cannabis seeds to suit the demands of thousands of customers worldwide. These include high yield auto seeds, beginner strains, purple strains and in-demand CBD strains – a.k.a medicinal marijuana seeds. With such an expansive seed bank, they’ve truly thought of everything. You’ll find many seed breeders like; Barney’s Farm Seeds, Bomb Seeds, Dr Krippling, Advanced Female and more at Gorilla Seeds. Free seeds are available to all who spend over the specified amount on the site (subject to availability) and other offers are available for customers to receive free seed bundles.

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The site brags over 40 years of cannabis seed know-how and expertise shared among its founders. It’s clear from their attitude that they are passionate about providing top-quality cannabis seeds and merchandise to customers. To demonstrate that they are incredibly knowledgeable about what they do, the Gorilla Seeds Bank site provides a useful support centre. Therefore, you needn’t worry about doing it alone, help is at hand. There’s also a great blog to keep followers up to date with amazing free cannabis seed deals and the latest news

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Benefits of Buying Cannabis Seeds from Gorilla Seeds

Gorilla Seeds is a company dedicated to providing quality seeds and as a result, has a massive fanbase. Hence, we strongly rate them. They source seeds from different parts of the world so that you can easily order them online. There are different varieties of cannabis seeds with different germination rates. The seeds on their site are sourced from the best breeders to assure buyers the highest germination rates. Looking for a company where you can access the best seeds bank instantly? These guys aren’t a bad choice at all!

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Fast and Discreet Delivery – On Time

Want to order seeds from a store where you can access them fast? Seems like Gorilla Seeds has got you covered. This website has a good reputation for delivering their quality seeds fast. They have a system where orders are processed fast and the shipping is secure.

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The use of Bitcoins to buy seeds here makes your purchase very secure. You can use the cryptocurrency to buy the seeds conveniently online. It is even to your advantage because you can buy at a potential further discount. Even if you are trying to buy the seeds for the first time, you’ll be taken care of here. The company has simplified the buying process which makes it easy for everyone!

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High-quality Cannabis Seeds – The Most Experienced Breeders

We always insist on buying quality cannabis seeds. This company has a good reputation for providing quality seeds. All seeds provided by Gorilla Seeds have been tested to ensure they can achieve high germination rates. Remember this site sells its products as collectables, it’s the buyer’s responsibility to check their country’s laws in terms of germination. also insists you thoroughly check your country’s laws with regards to cannabis seed germination.



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To increase the seed germination rate, it is necessary to check on the preparations and conditions required to grow the seeds. You can check the packs before you buy. Buying quality seeds will guarantee you value for money. Gorilla Seeds are among the best in the industry. You should buy seeds from a store where you can achieve great convenience. Buying seeds from Gorilla Seeds make it easy for you to access them. They are offered online which is easy for you to place an order. Start your collection today!

Awesome Varieties of Cannabis Strains at Gorilla Seeds Bank

There are different varieties of marijuana out there. It will be easy for you to locate the best while buying online at Gorilla Seeds. Rather than picking blind, they’ve got great product descriptions with all the top tips you’ll need. You will find it easy to buy the right seeds with this lot as they’ve got their site well mapped out. So if you’re after a great variety of cannabis choices, Gorilla Seeds sounds like the right place for you. Get free seeds on all purchases today!

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