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AMS aka Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the best cannabis seeds suppliers you can find online. This seed bank is one of the leading companies in the field of marijuana and has many stand out features. These guys have been around for more than 20 years now bringing awesome strains and reliable quality to the scene.

Their operations are located in a multi-level complex where they develop many different breeds with care. Like the basement itself, this place has been built on several levels, each unit containing another set of genius and refined genius. Check them out today for free delivery and discounts!

AMsterdam Marijuana Seeds - Netherlands

AMS Amsterdam Seeds

AMS breed and supply some of the dankest strains out there, they offer awesome deals like buy 10 get 10 free too!  Why approach anyone else when AMS is leading the cannabis seeds supplier? 20 years in the business has a lot to show for itself here.

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AMS Best Quality Amsterdam Cannabis Seeds

AMS first launched a variety of feminised seeds and has been working hard since on many other strains. After great efforts in research and development, AMS packs a punch with their strains now! They are reliable cannabis seeds and available in packs of 5 or 10 seeds for seriously low prices. We at Supernova Seeds see they guys as true leaders in cannabis seeds like;

  • Indica Seeds
  • Sativa Seeds
  • Feminized Seeds
  • Regular Seeds
  • White Seeds
  • CBD Seeds
  • Combo Seed Packs
  • Auto-Flowering Seed
  • Medical Seeds
  • Hybrid Seeds
  • Indoor Seeds
  • Outdoor Seeds
  • and more!

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Look Out! Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Strains on Offer…

For years AMS has produced a wide range cannabis strains which have become very popular worldwide. Girl Scout Cookies, Strawberry Ice, White Widow XTRM, Blue Dream and Bob Marley are just a handful of the fantastic tastes available. Making it look easy, AMS perform and supply in a timely manner. Customers can even get worldwide shipping for free. Not bad at all, given the strains named above and the great sales on regularly.

Some of the tastiest strains at AMS include;

  • Big Bud
  • Misty
  • Lemon Ice
  • Jackberry
  • Purple Power
  • Candle Kush
  • Dutch Dope
  • White Queen
  • Green Crack
  • Super Silver Haze
  • and much more!

When grown right (only in countries where this is legal), AMS’s Seeds stand out from many others. We’ve seen many review and shots of the fantastic results from customers. Each strain undergoes rigorous tests to produce only the best seeds at Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds, this is evident. Before issuing each batch of seeds, tests are thoroughly carried out and this is why they achieve such a high germination rate. Currently, online and in many cannabis forums, AMS is talked about highly for reliability. Check them out now and see for yourself!

Bob Marley, Borderline, Candy Kush and CBDOC

Top Strains at Low Prices - AMS

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds – Great Payment and Delivery Options for all Customers

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offer all customers free seeds on every order. Each time you visit and purchase from AMS you’ll get a selection of free marijuana seeds! Now our team at Supernova is feeling that. For those who’d like to do business by Bitcoin, no problem here, AMS offers multiple cryptocurrency payment options. You’ll sometimes find you get further deals when paying by Bitcoin. Ahhh, bonuses on bonuses! are suppliers of great other products like;

Amnesia Trance, AMS Most Wanted and AMS Supreme Seeds

Buy 10 Get 10 Free at AMS

Rely on the Best Amsterdam Seeds from AMS and You won’t be Disappointed

There are many marijuana seeds banks online who appear to be decent but in fact get many bad reviews. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds receives scores of great reviews and returning customers. That can only mean one thing, they’re consistent. A professional approach to quality as well as service makes these guys stand out.

Many people who are trying to source seeds ask themselves… ‘Is this seed bank going to let me down?’ We at Supernova know these guys are fully trustworthy and will deliver anywhere in the world. Check out their professional website and many great customer reviews to see for yourself. is easy to use allowing you to find the right seeds to order completely privately and securely.

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Based in the Netherlands but Supply High-Grade Cannabis Seeds Around the World

There’s nowhere that these guys won’t deliver to. They do have their own disclaimer of legalities and formalities, so we suggest you check that out. AMS’s Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs page contains good information that you can use to quickly answer any queries you may have. Otherwise, contacting them directly is easy too, they’ll get back to you quickly.

Always compare prices and reviews on all the seed banks you can find. That’s what most people do, it’s good practice when you really do need quality. We’re sure you’ll find Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds amongst all the top runners as we’ve seen it ourselves. Check them out today!

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