Amnesia Haze – Standing the Test of Time

A Amnesia Haze Cannabis Strain Review

Amnesia Haze has origins that trace back to South Asia and Jamaica, this endlessly popular and sought after strain was created after the arrival of haze genetics in Holland. Modern hybrids were mixed with good old fashioned, traditional haze seeds, and thus, Amnesia Haze was born.

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This world famous strain satisfies all of its users due to its high THC level and deep tasting aromas. If you’re looking for lower THC levels then this is perhaps not for you. Many of featured cannabis seed banks stock this potent little bugger such as; Sensi Seeds, Seedsman, High Supplies, Crop King Seeds, ILGM and Original Seeds Store! All of whom are well in the know about the cannabis seeds scene.

Amnesia Haze Effects… the Good and the Bad…

A firm favourite in Amsterdam coffee shops and a winner of multiple Cannabis Cups, this potent Sativa and Indica descendant strain is a go-to for a happy high. Potent in THC but slightly lower in CBD with a ratio of about 80:20, Amnesia Haze is a good choice for the strong high and an uplifting euphoric feel. Sufferers of anxiety are reported to use this cannabis strain for the relief of their symptoms, as it’s known for its relaxation properties and mood-boosting effect.

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Like all good strains, it does have one or two downsides as well as the many pros. It’s the type of strain that does cause the smoker a fairly dry mouth. Also, smokers looking for something to aid their physical ailments may not find Amnesia Haze to be their perfect match. With its effects definitely leaning towards the mental end of the spectrum, it’s not great for body highs, helping you sleep, or boosting the appetite. You can check out other strains offered here!

The Amnesia Haze smoke report will tell you to stick to this strain if you’re more interested in a giggly, carefree experience – but please note that the consumption of cannabis is illegal in many countries, and readers must always check the laws regarding this in their home region.

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The taste of Amnesia haze has an undoubtedly fruity, citrus fresh flavour with earthy undertones and a hash-like taste (apparently*). Accompanied by a sweet, turfy smell, Amnesia Haze is an all-around pleasant experience for the nostrils and taste buds (so they say). It’s a real front-runner among cannabis connoisseurs, who widely agree that it’s a good smoke. A little bit of research will show that there are plenty of positive reviews around the internet for this strain, with lots of smokers giving it four or more stars out of five.

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Important Questions – What’s the Amnesia Haze Yield Like?

For those readers who live in countries where it’s legal, and are thinking about growing this strain, it’s a good choice for many reasons. Thriving best in countries due to hot weather, a good greenhouse setup will do if the sunshine in some growers’ homeland doesn’t quite deliver.

It’s a high delivery strain in terms of yield, producing a more than healthy amount of light green, earthy smelling potent nugs at the end of each cycle. Many growers agree that this large yield makes up for Amnesia Haze’s rather lengthy flowering time, which is twelve weeks.

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True, it’s considered moderately difficult to grow, but the results speak for themselves with this excellent quality strain and let’s face it if you’re feeling a bit stressed at the end of the growing and drying process – you know what to do. One of one favourite seeds banks, ILGM, offer awesome quality too!

Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds Important Info:
  • Strain Grow Environments: This strain is great for both. If your thinking about growing outdoors, only do so if your regions temperatures to do not decrease too much in the fall. Places like Mediterranean climates are best. Be prepared to prune a lot and it’s commonly advised to use bigger sized pots for Amnesia Haze plants. Ensure you are ventilating your room well (if indoors) and supporting your plants, as they will become top-heavy late in their flowering stage.
  • THC Level: A Plentiful 21%
  • CBD Level: 1.00%
  • Amnesia Haze Flowering Time: 10-11  full bloom weeks
  • Strain Grow Difficulty: Easy-Moderate
  • Plant Height: Medium
  • Strain Yield: High – Up to 500 gram per square metre
  • Cup Winning Credentials: With a euphoric and uplifting high this bad boy has won multiple Cannabis Cups and has become one of the worlds most popular cannabis strains.
  • Reported Effects: Happy, Creative, Energetic, Euphoric and Uplifting.
  • Strain Flavours/Tastes: Lemon, Citrus, Sweet and Earthy.
  • Reported Medicinal Reliefs: Stress, Fatigue, Depression, Pain Relief and Boosts Appetite.
  • Pest Resistance: Amnesia Haze is best grown indoors due to better climate controls, if you grow this strain outdoors, be sure to look after it and check regularly for pest as she can be slightly sensitive.

I’m sold on Amnesia Haze! So Where Can I Buy Amnesia Haze Seeds Online?

The Supernova Seeds research astronauts have scoured the internet high and low to search for the best deals and offers available when it comes to high-grade cannabis seeds. Here’s some info on some of the top five cannabis seed banks online and their Amnesia Haze deals;

  • Gorilla seeds – 1 Amnesia haze seed on this well-respected site costs £8.49 GBP, whilst 5 feminised Amnesia Haze seeds will set you back a pretty penny at £104.49. Though a fair price for a cup winner with a complicated genetic background we think. While the offer applies, use the code FEMALE20 for 20% off feminised seeds!

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  • Sensi Seeds – Buyers can get 10 Amnesia White Label seeds from Sensi Seeds for the amazing price of £82.25 GBP! Not a bad deal at all considering their unanimous 5/5 star reviews from happy customers all around. Orders are shipped next working day for super fast convenience.
  • Seedsman – Amnesia Haze feminised seeds start from 3 for £31.43 going up to 10 for £78.57. With their loyalty points system, customers can earn points with every purchase and benefit from free seeds with every order and free shipping!

Don’t Forget to Check Out these Guys Too…

  • ILGM – This Seed Bank provides great deals and low prices on quality Amnesia Haze seeds. You can get top product support and 10 seeds for the great price of $89. Remember, this offers extensive info on many aspects of their products. You check them out here!
  • High Supplies – You can count on this reliable Seeds Bank to deliver fresh quality checked Amnesia Haze seeds to you. Their seed bank is packed with many different types of Amnesia seeds too compared to others.

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Legality of Amnesia Haze Cannabis Seeds

*Disclaimer: although the good folks of Supernova Seeds operate from the UK, where it is illegal to smoke or grow cannabis, we get all of our strain smoke information from reliable sources and friends overseas, plus the occasional trip to Amsterdam – for business (and maybe a little pleasure). Due to our values, we do not condone illegal smoking or germination of cannabis.

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